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Merger vote set for 25 May 2010

On 24 February, the Joint Councils of the Faculty and the Institute formally agreed to put a vote on a merger between the Faculty and the Institute to eligible members. The Councils agreed the detail of the merger package and the timeframe for the vote.

Separate Special General Meetings of the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland and the Institute of Actuaries will be held at 17.00 BST on Tuesday 25 May to vote on separate Resolutions to form the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Members can view the case for a merger and the joint proposal to form the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, which can be read at www.actuarialmerger.com/our-way-forward. These papers outline the details of the merger package, including the legal structure and governance, the proposed first Council, subscriptions and fees.

As part of our commitment to ensuring all members have access to any relevant merger-related communications, and that any merger-related communications are delivered in an appropriate, balanced and timely manner, groups of 10 or more members have been invited to create an identified group to present their views of the merger to the membership. These views can be found at www.actuarialmerger.com/groupsIf you want to contribute to the online discussion on the merger, visit the forum at www.actuarialforums.com. You can request a reminder of your password or a copy of the activation e-mail via the forum or by sending an e-mail to merger@actuaries.org.uk. You can pose questions either by e-mail to the same e-mail address or on the forum. Further details about the merger are on the Profession’s website.