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Making the most of the website: Keeping up to date

News and what’s new is the place to read the latest news and find out about new documents added to the site. Professional news published in The Actuary appears on the website around two weeks before The Actuary is distributed. Other news items and press releases also appear here. A full list of press releases can also be found in the Media centre.

Site updates lists new documents added to the site, new web pages, and web pages which have been significantly revised. Log in before you visit these pages to view any items added to the members’ area as well as to the public part of the site.If you are interested in seeing new items only from a specific practice area, or areas, visit the members’ area and configure your personal home page via Your preferences. Then bookmark your personal home page and revisit it from time to time to see news, documents, and events in your selected area(s) added to the site since your last visit.

Enews is the email news bulletin distributed to all members of the profession. You will find a permanent archive of Enews bulletins in the members’ area with links to the documents listed in the bulletins. Items listed in the monthly hard copy Despatch news can also be viewed or downloaded from the members’ area.Board and Committee news. Find out what is being discussed at board and committee meetings by visiting the board/committee minutes page in the members’ area.

Conferences and events. Don’t miss key events! Keep up to date with forthcoming seminars and conferences by visiting the events page. Click on Events on the coloured banner at the top of the screen. If you are unable to attend, view the papers and presentations by visiting the Conference papers page (Resource centre > Conference papers) two weeks after the event. Sound files (mp3 format) of Institute sessional meetings are available for downloading from the Sessional meetings page a few days after the meeting.