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Letters: Mike Lunan (merger)

The writer of the ‘For’ article (March 2008, p12) starts with the question “Do you want to be part of a Profession that is seen as modern and dynamic, or to be associated with failure?” This is the sort of logical non-sequitur which usually betokens a weak case. The excluded middle is where I, and I guess quite a few other Scottish fellows, would wish to be.

I want to remain a member of a Profession that addresses the needs of its clients and users, principally but not exclusively those in Scotland. Failure is no part of this future, nor indeed is the avoidance of failure guaranteed by the proposed merger, or any other structural arrangement.

However, I am not impartial. Anyone who cares to look will know that I have been an active member of the SNP for over 30 years. Until now this has never impacted on any aspect of my professional life or conduct. But, at a time when the movement of Scotland’s future governance seems likely to continue towards independence (whether total or partial), it seems odd to venture in precisely the opposite direction.

I shall vote against this proposal. Whether I am able to remain within the Profession should the vote go against me is a decision I hope I shall not be called upon to make.

Mike Lunan
26 March 2008