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Letter of the month: Antony Osborn-Barker

It was only after the event that I realised that I had failed in my debt to the profession by not responding to last month’s online style poll and allowing the result to be skewed by the ‘charity shop champions’. In attempting to make amends, I am inclined to hit this month’s ‘blow the budget’ option [re managing personal finances” — albeit with a follow-up in Bond Street!

As for the Paris fashion debate — with the odd health-conscious actuary aside, at least the male side of the profession wrestles with the dilemma that, by the time your salary can justify the £300 T-shirt, your waistline cannot, hence the more forgiving sizing in Harvey Nicks in Leeds, or Selfridges in Birmingham. Interestingly, these UK cities, as well as becoming retail mecca, can fairly claim to be hotbeds of actuarial employment — perhaps there is more of a correlation than we know? It’s a lonely furrow but someone has to plough it.

Antony Osborn-Barker
7 May 2008

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