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Institute of Actuaries names president-elect

The Institute of Actuaries has named Jane Curtis as president-elect.

A fellow of the Institute since 1987, Curtis is a managing principal with Hewitt where she has spent her entire professional career. Her election comes after nearly 30 years service to the profession, most notably in the fields of education and professional regulation.

She said: "I am delighted to represent my profession in this capacity; it is both a great honour and a great responsibility. I will represent a visible embodiment of change to the profession during these times of financial uncertainty when the skills of actuaries have never been more important."

She continued: "Our profession needs to speak clearly in public about who we are and what we believe. The public perception is still that we are too technically focused, but we produce ground breaking research and ideas and are home to some of the sharpest financial minds in the business, and I want the rest of the world to know about it. We must convince people that actuaries can bring real value in wider fields.

"We may have been accused of being too introspective in the past, but it’s time to add our voice, our knowledge and our expertise to the debate."