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Institute Council elections

At the last election all the candidates we were offered were consultants. When five were selected this meant the constitution of Council was two-thirds consultants, one-third life-associated actuaries. From experience I know that no matter how much one strives to be fair one cannot eliminate one’s other commitments. This was clearly seen in the behaviour of Council over the mis-selling of personal pensions.

While Robert Steel’s concepts have merit they do not deal, I believe, with the main problems which I suggest are:

    that not all employers are prepared to allow a senior actuary to spend two years devoted to the presidency;
      except for a small group of Institute dedicated actuaries, most voters have little or no knowledge of the character of the candidates;
    • there can be no question of rigging the elections – there must be a fundamental change to our constitution.

    Turning to a complementary issue, today the president has to spend much of his time on his social duties. Would it make sense to split this from his main responsibility which is to guide the profession through the difficult changing times which lie ahead?