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In the hot seat: David Carr

What was the best moment of your career?
Selling Hazell Carr Training to BPP, because
it freed us up to do other things.
What phrase or saying do you most
Pathetic (of organisations who do things
What was your new millennium resolution?
Have you kept it?
It is private. Yes, so far.
What do you do most in your spare time?
Row on a Concept II Rower, or watch films. I
will shortly be able to combine these activities
when I install a TV in my gym.
What is the best gadget that you have
bought recently?
Multi-room hi-fi.
What famous person would you most like to
go for a drink with?
Julia Roberts.
What is the one lesson you have learned that
you would pass onto young actuaries?
Use your brain and, if appropriate, challenge
What is your favourite television programme?
Watching the misnamed Match of the Day
on Sunday morning with my five-year-old
son Robert.
If you could change one aspect of the
actuarial education syllabus what would it
Optional statistics and stochastic modelling.
What would you like to have been?
How many hours do you estimate you flew
last year? What is your favourite airline?
20 hours British Airways.
What will be the most significant issue facing
the actuarial profession in the next
What is your biggest fear?
That the worst projections of new variant
CJD prove correct.
What do you tell people when they ask you
what you do for a living?
Run Silver Cross, the not-so-ailing pram
manufacturer. (I don’t actually run Silver
Cross, Graham Hazell does I really run our
pensions review business, HC Actuarial
What three things would you bring to a
deserted island with you?
A grand piano, the Beethoven Piano
Sonatas and a large supply of fine red
Any question that I should have asked and
what is your answer to that question?
Yes but I would not answer it anyway!
How much influence does the actuarial profession
have on your thinking?
What is the most frequently asked question
of you and what is your answer?
Do you want a cup of tea? Yes, please, white
Do you play the lottery and what are your
No, because I couldn’t do it by direct debit
when I last tried.
What is your favourite drink/food?
Any Domaine Leroy red Burgundy more
than six years old, and sushi.