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Improving website service for members

Since the launch of the website on 1 August, to coincide with the launch of the professional body, development work has continued to improve the presentation and delivery of information. The Profession’s web team maintains a log of all issues such as the examples given below and has been addressing these.

A number of web visitors reported difficulties logging on to the website. This included people clicking on ‘register’ instead of ‘login’, members who did not realise their account had been transferred from the previous site to the new one and tried to create a new account, non-members who did not understand the ‘login’ process to access conference materials, members who did not know their username and/or password. The web team has developed information on the ‘login’ page to clarify the process for different visitor groups.

The website has three different member directories: Find an actuary (a publicly available select list of actuarial consultancies and sole practitioners); Members directory (a publicly available list of members); and Actuarial directory (a comprehensive list of members, available only to members).

The web team has developed a new page which clarifies the information held in each directory and how to access the relevant directory. If you have any comments, please contact webservices@actuaries.org.uk.