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ILC-UK and Actuarial Profession joint seminar

Social Policy News

The next joint Profession-ILC talk will be a debate called Funding Long-term Care: Finding a Solution Fair Across the Generations, to be held on 26 February and starting with registration at 4pm.

David Behan, the new director-general of social care at the department of health, has been invited to join the panel along with other experts. Readers will appreciate the Profession’s long-term interest in the funding of long-term care, an issue that stretches back to the recommendations of the 1999 Royal Commission on long-term care, With Respect to Old Age, chaired by Sir Stewart Sutherland. The event will provide an opportunity for the audience to review policy in the public, private and insurance sectors and to consider the intergenerational costs involved.

A further topic in the pipeline for April is a debate on The Giving Age, drawing on the latest ILC research conducted by the National Centre for Social Research. The new findings will update the joint Profession-ILC debate of last September, called The Great Wealth Transfer? Asset Accumulation, Inequality and the Generations.