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Huebner Foundation

Early in May the Huebner Foundation hosted a Journal of Banking and Finance conference entitled ‘Dynamics of Insurance Markets: Structure, Conduct, and Performance in the 21st Century’ at Wharton School. Approximately 50 participants attended the day-and-a-half-long conference that featured keynote presentations from Kenneth Froot, the Andre R Jakurski professor of business administration at Harvard University, and Denis Kessler, president and CEO of SCOR Reinsurance. The conference was co-sponsored by the Center for Research on e-finance at HEC Montreal; the Inter-university Center on Risk, Economic Policies, and Employment in Quebec; the Huebner Foundation; and the Wharton dean’s office.The conference papers may be downloaded at www.huebnergeneva.org/research/index.php.

Readers may note that Paul Klumpes, professor of accounting at Imperial College Tanaka Business School, was associated with two papers on economic efficiency in European markets, one of which included Chris O’Brien as co-author.