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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Happy birthday, AA!

Congratulations to Actuary Australia, which celebrated its 100th issue in June. The first issue was in October 1990. It had 12 pages and was in black and white. Over the years the magazine has tracked current issues for actuaries. The first 50 issues were dominated by articles on superannuation and life insurance. Since then there has been a noticeable trend towards broader business issues, general insurance, and ‘greener’ topics. The magazine turned full-colour in 1997, and currently has 32 pages.

We know how much actuaries love statistics and figures. For the 100th issue of AA, it has applied an actuarial approach to analyse the ‘experience’ of the Australian Institute and industry since the first black-and-white issue of AA left the printing press.

The number of members has more than doubled since the first issue. However, the mix of members has remained constant.

There were no available data on the male to female ratio of members in 1990, although no doubt it was higher than 2.70. On a side note, there is anecdotal evidence supporting an increased prevalence of actuarial couples. Given the current male to female ratio, however, it appears that this blissful state could only be achieved by a minority.

The average age of members has decreased from 38.2 to 36.7, which reflects the dramatic increase in the proportion of members aged between 20 and 30 – partly the result of the increase in the number of universities offering actuarial courses.For more, visit: www.actuaries.asn.au/PublicSite/publications/publications2005/actaust2005/ActuaryAustralia.htm.