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General Insurance Board news

Hello and goodbye

Derek Newton’s two-year term as board chairman has come to an end, which is why a new face heads the column this month. We are delighted to welcome two new members to the board: Stuart Shepley, who has been elected to Institute Council, and Lis Gibson, who will be taking over from Tony Jones as chairman of ROC, and raising our reserving standards. More about board changes next month.


GRIT and GRIP both identified the education syllabus as an area that needed improvement if the standards of the profession were to be raised in their respective areas. The development of the new syllabus is probably the most important piece of work the board is now overseeing. It is very likely that the current ST exam will be replaced by two within the next couple of years, one with a strong accent on reserving and another whose principal focus is pricing. This has involved a lot of work by volunteers and by our staff actuary, who would be very grateful to get any more offers of help; please contact Neil Hilary if you can participate, tel 01865-268244, email neil.hilary@actuaries.org.uk.


Only two moths to Newport, and the GIRO committee has again excelled itself in setting up a programme of events that will be stimulating and enjoyable. As I write places are still available. I would especially urge those who have not attended before to be there.


As a more advanced date for your diaries, the annual ASTIN colloquium will be held in Manchester from 13 to 16 July next year. More details will be released soon, but there will be a variety of technical sessions, guest speakers, and social events. More details are on the ASTIN website (www.actuaries.org/ASTIN).