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Faculty of Actuaries Council 2009-2010

At the Faculty OGM on 29 June 2009 Gordon Bagot was elected as a vice president, Mike Codron as an honorary overseas member and Mike Dick, Bruce Macdonald, Henry Pollock and Elaine Stevenson were elected as ordinary members to Faculty Council. The full list of Council members is as follows.

Office bearers and members of Council
President — Ronnie S Bowie
Vice-presidents — Gordon M Bagot, David J P Hare, John F Hylands, David B Martin
Past-president — J Stewart Ritchie
Honorary overseas member — Mike J Codron
Honorary secretary — Alan H Watson
Honorary treasurer — Gordon C Wood
Honorary librarian — Howard R Waters
Honorary publicity officer — Katie P Low
Ordinary members — David C Bowie*, Gerry A Devenney, W Mike Dick, John A Dickson, Chris A Hancorn, Bruce R Macdonald, M Colin Ledlie*, Keith A Miller, Henry G Pollock, Kenny J Tindall, Elaine M Stevenson. (*Denotes co-opted member)