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Faculty 150th a review

The committee agreed three objectives should underpin the design of the Faculty’s 150th anniversary celebrations. The first was to give something back to the community in which many of our members work; the second was to involve as much of the profession as possible in the events; and the third was to have some fun.
The committee quickly agreed that applying the skills of the profession to prepare some research, which would be of particular benefit to Scotland, would produce a fitting legacy for the anniversary. This resulted in the Faculty commissioning the paper on healthy life expectancy in Scotland, presented to the Faulty in February 2006. This important piece of work, completed in partnership with the Scottish Executive, provides essential groundwork to help tackle some of the country’s real social and economic issues. It was exceptionally well received at a packed meeting of members and guests and represents the start of what we hope will be a long-lasting relationship with the executive in Scotland.
The second theme under the ‘giving something back’ principle was our charity link with CHAS (the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland). There has been an enormous effort, by lots of Faculty members and friends, to raise funds for this wonderful cause. Previous reports, in pages of The Actuary, have documented the Munro-bagging, marathon-running, and other sponsored events through which money was raised. However, many members simply made individual donations, as did other actuarial associations and friends of the profession. The result was a magnificent total, of around £70,000, donated to CHAS. The charity is delighted with the result of the Faculty 150 Appeal and passes on it very real thanks to all who made this happen.
Our second principle was inclusivity. We wanted the anniversary to involve as many members as possible with the Faculty’s events not only to recognise its past and celebrate its traditions but also to re-invigorate members’ links with their professional body to ensure its future success. This was achieved through the sheer range and number of events throughout the year. From our extended sessional meeting with two eminent speakers to the series of professional conferences and conventions throughout the year, most, if not all, of the membership will have had some additional involvement with the Faculty in 2006.
Our third and final principle was to have fun! It was a celebration, after all. Over the year there was a champagne reception, a musical evening, ceilidhs, a whisky-tasting, and a number of celebration dinners both in Scotland and further afield. The year’s events culminated with the gala ball held in December and attended by over 300 guests.
Looking back on 2006 it is clear that many people in the profession and beyond expended a huge effort to make our year of celebration such a success. It would be invidious to single out any particular contributors, but the amount of work that the secretariat undertook to organise, market, and manage the various events is worthy of special mention. An enormous vote of thanks is due to them and to everyone that made the anniversary so memorable.