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Equitable Life Assurance Society archive

The Actuarial Profession’s recent appeal for donations to save the Equitable Life’s historic archive, of unique importance, has received very welcome support from the Worshipful Company of Actuaries, which has promised a substantial sum for this purpose, because of the archive’s close links with the origins of the profession. This is in addition to the contribution kindly made by the Staple Inn Actuarial Society, mentioned in the original appeal. A number of individual donations have also been received, for which the profession is very grateful. There is still a significant gap which needs to be filled, however, if the purchase is to go ahead, and further donations from individuals or companies are badly needed before the deadline date of 31 March 2006. We do need your help. Please send a cheque (payable to the Actuarial Profession) with a cover note to David Raymont (tel 020-7632 2114) in the library at Staple Inn as soon as possible. A list of donors will be published (excluding any who wish to remain anonymous) to form a permanent recognition of their contribution to the saving of this archive.