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Education news in brief

New online resource catalogue launched
The Profession’s information service has launched a new online resource catalogue. The new catalogue gives access to over 38,000 actuarial books, research papers and articles, many available for download free of charge. Members may request hard copy items, either as loans or photocopies, and in most cases the items will be despatched the same day.

The new catalogue has a clear layout and some useful new features, for example, you can elect to search only journal articles or only items available from the Profession’s own website. Print options enable you to generate your own bibliographies and reading lists.

The catalogue offers a facility for users to submit reviews, which may count as verifiable CPD. Try the following searches and navigate to the full details of the item to see how user comments will appear:

Author Cooper AND Title Origin Author Mandelbrot AND Title Markets AND Date 2005.

Let us know what you think by going to www.actuaries.org.uk/knowledge/library/search_catalogue and trying out the catalogue.


Latest edition of Annals of Actuarial Science
Volume 4 Part 1 of the Annals of Actuarial Science is now available. The contents include a guest editorial by professor Jukka Rantala of the University of Helsinki; papers on ‘Mortality in Ireland’, ‘Mean square error of prediction in the Bornhuetter-Ferguson claims reserving method’ and ‘Chain-ladder as maximum likelihood revisited’; abstracts of papers published worldwide and book reviews. Members can access content online free of charge; hard copies are available by contacting nicky.wilkinson@actuaries.org.uk


Study resources
Are you using the Profession’s libraries to study for the April exams?
An e-mail to libraries@actuaries.org.uk will reserve you a desk.