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Dining clubs

– please don’t forget the Scottish Actuaries’ Club, the A(58) Club, and the Faculty of Actuaries (England) Club (not to mention the Bristol Actuarial Dining Society)!

Simon Jeffery’s amusing article in the January/February issue entitled ‘Actuarial dining clubs for dummies’ dealt with Institute-related animals. Clubs, that is, not actuaries.

Simon did not mention that there are Faculty-related clubs too. Keep going northwards up the East Coast from England and you will eventually come upon Edinburgh! Yes, the Athens of the North, where you will find that the Scottish Actuaries’ Club and the A(58) Club evidence their respect for bonne cuisine after sessional meetings to a degree unsurpassed by the most determined of southern actuarial gourmands.

And that’s not all. We have taken the precaution of establishing an outpost among the Sassenach natives. The Faculty of Actuaries (England) Club meets in the hostile territory of the West End of London inside the sturdy fortification of the Caledonian Club. Of course the English must feel safe in Scotland, as no parallel refuge has been established.

Also unmentioned in dispatches was any reference to the only formally constituted actuarial dining club outwith the Great Smoke, the Bristol Actuarial Dining Society. Take a look in the Institute eHandbook – shortly to be updated – and all about West Country-based actuaries’ conviviality will be revealed to you.

Details of all three Scottish Clubs will be found in the Faculty eHandbook. I shall close by leaving you to guess of which club(s) I am a member.