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Council election 2006

In accordance with the bye-laws regulating the election of members of the Council, Council has agreed that the following five Council members should retire. They are not immediately eligible for re-election: John Bowman, Simon Carne, Graham Clay, Jeremy Goford, Pat O’Keeffe.

In November 2005, Nick Dumbreck was elected as president-elect, taking office at the AGM on Tuesday 27 June 2006. On his election, he became a member of Council, bringing the number of members on Council to 31. In order to bring down the number on Council to 30, as required by the bye-laws, there are only four vacancies on Council to be filled in 2006 (bye-law 5(a) refers).

Fellows are entitled to nominate any fellow or fellows for election to fill the four vacancies arising in the Council. The nomination form and biographical details form are available from the following sources:

  • Marion Young, secretary to Council, tel 020-7632 2117, email marion.young@actuaries.org.uk;
  • download from the members-only part of the profession’s website under ‘Councils and FIMC’.

No nomination will be valid unless it is supported by the written consent of the fellow nominated to stand for election, it is signed by two fellows, and it is received at Staple Inn Hall not later than 5pm on Friday 19 May 2006.

If more candidates are nominated than there are vacancies to be filled, there will be a ballot; members can choose to vote by post or via the internet. The ballot papers will give information about each candidate, including age, year of qualification as a fellow, and periods of service on Council. In addition, each candidate may give other relevant information.