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Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) news

Publication of CMIR 22

The CMI is pleased to announce the publication of Continuous Mortality Investigation Report Number 22. CMIR 22 contains an analysis of the 1999–2002 individual income protection experience and is available to download from the CMI section of the profession’s website, which can be found under ‘Research and prizes’.

This is the latest of our four-yearly series of experience reports, which analyse both inceptions and terminations using the multi-state approach presented in CMIR 12 and the methods described in CMIR 15.

As with the previous CMI report, CMIR 22 is not being printed and despatched to all members of the profession. Anyone who would like a printed copy should apply to the CMI by 16 December 2005, by sending their name and postal address to the dedicated email address cmir22@cmib.org.uk. Depending on the level of response, the CMI will then look into the viability of a limited one-off print run early in 2006.