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Chief executive of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries announces departure

Caroline Instance has announced that she will be stepping down from her role as chief executive of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries at the end of February 2011 when she will have been with the Profession for nearly nine years, working alongside 10 presidents of its predecessor bodies the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland and of the Institute of Actuaries. She was the first person to be appointed by both bodies to oversee their joint operations while also holding the role of director general of the Institute.

To enable the Council of the newly merged body, which is currently reviewing its strategy, to have the time to consider what it might require of the chief executive who will lead the next phase of the Profession’s development Caroline has agreed to be available on a consultancy basis during 2011 to allow the Profession to continue to benefit from her experience and corporate memory. She will be employed until the end of April during which time she will assist the president of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Ronnie Bowie, in representing the UK Actuarial Profession at home and abroad.

Bowie said: “The Institute and Faculty owes Caroline a great debt for her contribution to our development over the last decade. She has worked tirelessly to modernise our professional body and leaves a considerable legacy and a great platform from which we can move forward.”