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Changes ahead for exam entry forms online

From 2009, personalised exam entry forms will no longer be issued by post to students. The exam entry form for the categories of home, overseas and special overseas rate will be available on the Profession’s website for downloading from the start of the entry period. The online service will also be available for students paying by credit card.

When downloading an exam entry form, please complete the correct form for the relevant category and include your ARN and name where applicable. Special overseas rates are only available at specific centres — a list of relevant centres will be included with the appropriate form. Students are only entitled to two attempts at each subject at the reduced rate and any further attempts will be charged at the full rate.

Exam entry forms and payments should be sent separately from any other correspondence. Payments for publications, exemptions or courses (including CT9 and CA2) should be made separately to ensure exam entry fees are received by the Profession’s exams team in Oxford before the relevant closing date. Late entries will not be accepted. For more details, visit the Profession’s website at www.actuaries.org.uk