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Careers team on tour

Each year the careers team from the Profession travels across the country visiting various universities to promote actuarial careers. The careers committee recently embarked on a strategy to focus on key universities and students. The work that the careers team has organised with these ‘promotional universities’ has increased the number of applicants to the Profession from those institutions. This year we visited the promotional universities of Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol, and non-promotional universities Southampton, Royal Holloway and Edinburgh. The visits were largely a great success, with the material provided snapped up by eager students. The students who attended had a rough idea of what an actuary was and what the role involves. Most were doing numerate degrees and wanted general information, while some saw the word ‘finance’ and retreated in haste.

Success at these fairs depends on many different factors including location, date, timing and whether there are many actuarial employers attending. Where there are a lot of actuarial employers, there is less interest or perhaps need for a stand from the Profession, with students venturing over if they have specific questions, as was the case at the Finance, Business and Management fairs in Manchester and Southampton.

We have had fantastic volunteers this year, some of whom are fully qualified, some part-way through and one volunteer who had only been in a company for two months. Whatever their level of experience, these volunteers are vital to our work with students. They are able to answer more specific questions about what they do each day and how they find working in their company. It is hugely valuable and their help is greatly appreciated.

Wian Pieterse from HSBC Life (UK) stressed that: “After speaking to university students, you can see it is something they will definitely look into.” It is also beneficial to our trainees and qualified actuaries as it allows them a chance to get involved in volunteering. Nisha Patel from HSBC Life (UK) reiterated this by saying: “It was nice to be able to give advice on application processes, since I had been in the same position only a couple of years ago.”

For more information please see www.actuaries.org.uk/careers or contact us directly at careers@actuaries.org.uk