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Can we afford to care?

As life expectancy continues to increase, will this result in an extension of active life, or an explosion in requirements for care? The report, The State of Social Care in England 2005 to 2006, by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) has graphically highlighted that public service can no longer be relied upon to provide care and that more families will have to ’provide or pay’ for themselves. More recently, CSCI has contrasted the cost of care to local authorities with that paid by private individuals.

Most social work and social service departments are under pressure but with signifi cant changes in family relationships, upon which informal care has traditionally relied, who will care for us in our old age? Who will pay the bills?

A conference entitled ’Can we afford to care?’ brings together academics, providers and other interested speakers to debate this crucial issue. The conference is organised by the International Foundation for Intelligent Living (IFIL) and takes place on 21 February at 30 St Mary Axe in London. IFIL is a registered educational charity whose stated aim is to provide people with sufficient accurate information for them to make informed decisions. Conference speakers include:

- Dr Clive Bowman, medical director, BUPA Care Services

- Julien Forder, senior research fellow, personal social services research unit, London School of Economics

- Paul Murray, managing director, life and health products, Swiss Re

- Imelda Redmond, chief executive, Carers UK

- Paul Snell, chief inspector, Commission for Social Care Inspection

- Professor Heinz Wolff, Brunel Institute of Bio-Engineering and chairman of IFIL

More information is available from Roger Sansom at randssansom@aol.com