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Campaign to bring members and graduates together

The increasing importance of risk management today, not only across the financial services sector, but beyond into the broad world of business, offers unprecedented opportunities for actuaries. While there are a number of commercially recognised risk management qualifications, some benefiting from having ‘risk’ in their name, none provides the comprehensive understanding of risk offered by the actuary. With a greater awareness of actuaries and their skill-set among business audiences, members of the Profession would have the potential to position itself in the market as the experts in risk management.

In addition, many of these roles require candidates to have a broad understanding of business and strong communication skills. The Associate qualification is ideally tailored to provide this combination of breadth and depth. However, it will also be increasingly important for the Profession to attract graduates with these communications and business competences.

To meet this need, the Profession is launching a campaign to build awareness of the Associate qualification among graduates and school students. The campaign comprises a combination of online and print advertising, e-mail, social networking and video. The messaging and approach for the campaign resulted from research on the potential for the Associate grade which explored the graduate market as well as areas of non-traditional employment. Feedback was also gained from student members and a report of the findings can be viewed on the following web link: www.actuaries.org.uk/careers/associate_survey.pdf

The research showed that graduates highly value first-hand information on careers from those working in a particular profession. Additionally, the online world is second nature to today’s graduates, from information-gathering on Google and relevant forums, to networking on Facebook and searching for their next career opportunity on graduate websites such as Milkround or Prospects.

The campaign aims to engage graduates in these virtual environments, allowing them to interact with other potential and current students as well as existing members of the profession. The campaign will help graduates understand the journey to becoming an actuary as well as the breadth of opportunities that exist and, more generally, build awareness of the profession.

Another important strand of the campaign targets student members of the Profession, as it will be the members who act as ‘live testimonials’, bringing their day-to-day experiences to life for graduates. All members of the Profession who participate in online forums, or are members of alumni website or social networks are encouraged to participate. Further information on the campaign and the messages we wish to promote to school students and graduates are available at www.actuaries.org.uk/careers/associate_campaign