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Campaign promotes changing face of the Profession

A Facebook page has been set up to provide current and prospective actuaries with the opportunity to gain information and interact outside traditional networks. The page is the hub of a digital campaign running across leading career sites. It aims to highlight new opportunities for actuaries, including in the area of risk management, and the evolving face of the Profession.

It has also been designed to make the Profession more visible within graduates’ online information searches and to be active on social networking forums. Head of education Trevor Watkins said the campaign also highlights the associate qualification and new areas of work available to actuaries, such as risk management.

“As an evolving Profession, it is essential that we find new ways to communicate with the actuaries of the future. Our presence on Facebook aims to provide support and information for the actuaries of today and tomorrow.”

Graduates will be directed to the Facebook page through advertising and through links included in careers website profiles. All young student members who enrolled with the Profession in the past two years have also been directly invited to join the Facebook page. See www.actuaries.org.uk/students/associate_campaign. Features of the page include opportunities for graduates to hear the thoughts of actuaries in one-to- one discussions, find out about events and access links to interesting information relevant to the Profession.

Qualified actuaries are encouraged to participate and promote the page to their colleagues and staff. A guide can help interested actuaries who are not registered with Facebook to get involved. The guide is at http://www.actuaries.org.uk/students/PersonalProfessionalDistinction.pdf

Registered Facebook users can access the page and click the ‘become a fan’ link by going to www.facebook.com/pages/London-United-Kingdom/Actuaries/78259466480