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Actuary wins big on TV quiz show

Gloucestershire actuary Chris Mapp is arguably Britain’s most famous actuary, having scooped £150 000 on a recent edition of the hit ITV1 quiz show Who wants to be a millionaire? Now a local celebrity in his village of Wotton-under-Edge, Mr Mapp turned down offers from Heat, Hello and Vanity Fair to speak exclusively to The Actuary.

“I’ve been trying to get on the show for about 10 years now,” said Mr Mapp, an actuarial practice head for Bluefin. “I got lucky, though. I got through the phone-in, was invited for an audition and then invited onto the show.” Mr Mapp admitted that he did find one or two of the popular culture questions difficult. “One of the questions was ‘Who is the presenter of Who Dares Sings?’ I’d never even heard of it! It took me two lifelines to discover it was someone called Ben Shepherd.”

Mr Mapp decided to bank his winnings when he was asked what year Fortnum and Mason first opened its doors. “It’s not a shop I’m really familiar with,” he said. “It’s nothing like you see on television. There’s lots of stopping and starting and that makes it a little difficult to get into your stride. But I kept my cool and kept focused and I’m pleased with how I did.” Mr Mapp did admit to being relieved there were no mental arithmetic or maths questions, but as for what he’s doing with his new riches, he remained coy, although like any good actuary, some of it may be going into his pension fund.