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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Actuary of the future

Date entered profession?
5 March 2001.
HSBC Actuaries and Consultants Limited.
Area of work?
Jobs so far? (including pre-actuarial!)
Actuarial: senior actuarial analyst (previously actuarial analyst!)
Pre-actuarial: fraud investigator (two years), customer services agent (one year), receptionist (three months), potato packer (six weeks), kitchen porter (one week), barman (occasional family business).
Exams passed?
After taking five years to pass most of the 100s/CTs, I rampaged my way through CT8, CA1, CA2, and ST4 last year, leaving only ST5 and SA4 to go.
Most exciting actuarial moment?
Presenting valuation results in Monte Carlo and then being treated to lunch at Café de Paris.
Alternative career?
Bed tester testing both overall comfort and resilience of springs.
Most memorable actuarial moment?
Winning the inaugural SIAS table football competition.
The last CD you bought?
Sound Revision for ST5 (the spoken equivalent of a babbling brook).
Film or theatre?
Film there’s enough live drama in the office.
I grew up on a farm so have previously befriended lambs, goats, collies, horses, and cats.
Spend or save?
Save when I’m single, spend when I’m not.
Green tea or coffee?
Coffee, always coffee.
Exam philosophy?
Qualification is the fastest way to a five-day week.
Any vices?
Study-day shopper or sleeper?
Sleep am, shop pm.
Next move for the actuarial profession?
An exam structure that doesn’t put off non-mathematicians at an early stage.
Would like to see actuaries working in which wider field?
Our aim should be to move the focus of business from the accountants’ one-year worldview to the actuaries’ long-term worldview.