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Actuary of the Future: Liam Mayne

Date entered profession?
September 2005.

Hewitt Associates.

Area of work?

Jobs so far (including pre-actuarial)?
A waiter and a government code-breaker. But keep that quiet…

Exams passed?
Five CTs and first year of Tanaka course.

Most exciting actuarial moment?
My first night of qualification drinks and discovering there were six credit cards behind the bar.

Most memorable actuarial moment?
Hasn’t happened yet but work is paying for me to go sky-diving in 2009.

Last CD purchased?
The Fray: How to Save a Life. Quality.

Spend or save?
Save? You’re having a laugh. Spend, spend, spend!

Exam philosophy?
Pass them as quickly as you can. Any vices? The usual — beer and a strange desire to sit lots of exams.

Study day shopper or sleeper?
Definitely a sleeper. My study days didn’t start until about 6pm. All that changed with the Tanaka course though, with lectures at 9am on a Monday.

Next move for the Profession?
A move into the wider financial world and making ourselves all-round financial consultants with multiple skills.

Would like to see actuaries working in which wider field?
Maybe time we got involved in something a bit more glamorous — actuarial advisers to Hollywood stars, perhaps?

If you would like to nominate someone for Actuary of the Future, please e-mail AOTF@the-actuary.org.uk