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Actuary of the future - Jon Hatchett

Date entered profession?
August 2006.
Hymans Robertson LLP.
Area of work?
Jobs so far? (including pre-actuarial!)
I did a post doctorate in mathematical neuroscience for 16 months in Tokyo, Japan. Before that, I did a PhD at King’s College, London. There were plenty of stochastic processes and probability theory involved so not as far from pensions work as you might first imagine.
Exams passed?
None. Sitting them for the first time this April.
Alternative career?
Professional footballer (I wish).
Most memorable actuarial moment?
Hitting the dance floor with all my colleagues at the Christmas party and displaying some unconventional dance moves!
The last CD you bought?
The Killers Sam’s Town.
Film or theatre?
Both. Saw Billy Elliot recently, which was awesome, but also love going to the movies and grabbing some food with my wife on a Friday night. The last thing we caught was Notes on a Scandal. It was set in my old secondary school so held some added interest.
I’m not really an animal person unless they come well seasoned. My travels have led me to experiment with things from grilled guinea pig, via stuffed intestines to raw chicken.
Spend or save?
Definitely a saver. I’m buying my first flat at the moment, so every penny counts.
Green tea or coffee?
Neither really as I prefer cold drinks. However, green tea brings back great memories of eating delicious sushi in Japan. It doesn’t taste the same over here though. Coffee makes me a little hyper so I steer clear of it despite my mates’ protestations.
Exam philosophy?
Fast and furious. I prefer to rip a plaster off quickly.
Any vices?
I find it hard to say no to a crazy idea. This has led me to spend two weeks swimming between islands off the Croatian coast with nothing but a pair of swimming trunks and an inflatable canoe and running waist deep through mud last Christmas as part of the Grim Challenge in the army vehicle-testing ground in Aldershot.
Study-day shopper or sleeper?
I’m more of a sleeper than a shopper. I try the power nap thing throughout the day and I really look forward to my one lie-in a week. The extra hour or so in bed is heaven and I take pleasure in remaining in my dressing gown all day and not having to shave.
Would like to see actuaries working in which wider field?
I think a moderately large organisation in almost any field could use people with an understanding of risk and the ability to analyse statistics. It’s a well-worn phrase that we are living in an information age but it requires skill to glean something tangible from amidst the noise.