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Actuary of the future - John Connor

Date entered profession?
September 2006.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP.
Area of work?
General insurance.
Jobs so far? (including pre-actuarial!)
Royal & SunAlliance, Showcase cinema, a cocktail bar, and a slaughterhouse. I know what you are thinking slaughterhouse? All helped to fund my drinking habits at university.
Exams passed?
Just started my enthusiasm hasn’t gone yet!
Exams taking in April?
CT1, CT2, and CT3.
Alternative career?
Most memorable actuarial moment?
Walking in the rain after the SIAS ball trying to find a taxi.
What did you do last year that scared you?
A 134-metre bungee jump.
What do you intend to do this year that scares you?
The London marathon.
Used to have a rabbit in my childhood called Candy, but it was eaten by a cat. Incidentally I don’t like cats now.
The last CD you bought?
Snow Patrol Eyes Open.
Green tea or coffee?
Mocha all the way or Lucozade on special occasions.
Spend or save?
Spend, save when you qualify.
Exam philosophy?
Try to plan but pretty much cramming.
Study-day shopper or sleeper?
Definitely a sleeper Thursday morning is the new Sunday.
Next move for the actuarial profession?
My first aim is to qualify and explore new areas of the industry such as catastrophe modelling.
Would like to see actuaries working in which wider field?
Actuaries are increasingly working with investment banks to produce a wide genre of models. There is definitely a market for actuaries within this field and it would be interesting to see how this area develops in the future.