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Actuaries tune in for Profession’s first ‘webinar’

On 3 September, more than 500 actuaries across the UK took part in a virtual seminar, or ‘webinar’, on Cash Equivalent Transfer Values. It was the first electronic seminar the Profession had organised and enabled actuaries to take part from the comfort of their own desks.

The webinar covered the new responsibility of trustees to determine the method and assumptions used to calculate cash equivalents, and the speakers gave their thoughts on what changes are expected from 1 October.

Chair Paul Tremelling joined Huw Gittins and Ben Brown to discuss the new requirements, the differences and issues to be addressed, and what actuarial advice might cover. Webinar participant John Sydenham, of Hewitt Associates, said the format was a welcome development to the delivery of professional development. He said: “I think the format is a very positive change and hope to see more of these seminars in the future.” Overall, the event was considered a great success by fellow participants.