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Actuarial Profession launches Longevity Bulletin

The Actuarial Profession has launched a new publication, Longevity Bulletin, which aims to provide a regular overview of research into longevity trends and a guide to the prospects for long life.

The six-monthly publication will present and explain actuarial perspectives on population longevity and will look beyond the actuarial world for statistics, research and the latest thinking on related subjects.

In the first edition of the Longevity Bulletin, editor Alison O’Connell publishes the findings of a new comparison of a range of international projections of future longevity that reveals some consistent themes. These are:

1) Uncertainty about the future range of longevity: Most countries use a range of projections to illustrate this. Each variant projection is calculated using a different set of assumptions. The study examines the assumptions in detail.

2) There are large differences in projected lifespan across countries: The principal estimate for expected average lifespan for boys born in 2010 ranges from 82 years in the US to 89 years in the UK. The study looks at why these large variations exist.

3) Females are expected to continue to live longer than males: The gap is expected to be roughly around three to four years for complete lifespan and around 2.5 years for average remaining lifespan at age 65.

Copies of the Longevity Bulletin are free to download from the Actuarial Profession’s website and users are free to distribute and publicise the Bulletin to interested parties.