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Actuarial dining clubs for dummies

Ask any actuary who is a member of a
dining club what they get out of it
and they often reply: ‘It’s jolly
good for professional development excellent networking I’ve not got a home or family to go back to anyway blah, blah, blah’.
Ask any actuary who is not a member of a dining club why they do not partake and they often reply ‘Golly gosh, I don’t have time for that sort of thing working too hard I would rather be walking the dog blah, blah, blah’.

You either love ’em or you hate ’em
Anyway, I was asked to come up with ten good reasons why actuaries should join a dining club or two. So here goes.
1 Well, everyone has to eat, don’t they?
2 Your boss has a big fat entertainment budget, and it is your contractual duty to help to spend it.
3 As an actuary you probably don’t have any friends, so this is a good way of pretending that you do.
4 Would you really rather be watching EastEnders?
5 How else are you going to get the opportunity to ‘hob-nob it’ at some of the most prestigious gentlemen’s clubs in the land?
6 Who are you going to ask for help when you get fired? (This could easily happen if you don’t help out with that entertainment budget!)
7 Informal CPD becomes a doddle.
8 With good food comes good alcohol.
9 You never know, you might even enjoy yourself.
10 Umm I think maybe there are only nine reasons.
Well, if I haven’t persuaded you, I have at least reminded you that there are numerous dining clubs in existence, many of which wish to attract new members. If you have a personality, you may even qualify for a discount on the membership fees.
Full details of most of the profession’s dining clubs can be found at www.actuaries
.org.uk/files/pdf/profession/diningclubs.pdf. To the right are some abridged details of each, including contact names. I have ‘ever so slightly’ paraphrased some of the information, so you will have to look at the website yourself to see how accurate I have been. Also, see if you can guess which one I am a member of!