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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Actuarial arch-enemies

Happy New Year!

We are kicking off 2010 at The Actuary with this special online-only edition; our first print edition of the year will be published at the end of January as usual.

Over the holiday period I was entertained by a tale of a supervillain appearing in the Batman comic series that goes by the title of ‘Actuary’. As a mathematical genius who applies formulae to aid the Penguin in committing crimes, he hardly sounds treacherous but it is certainly not a bad outcome if that’s the worst damage the comic book authors could associate with actuaries!

In this edition, as well as some of our usual suspects, we are pleased to feature:
>> A report from the Middle East sharing information about opportunities in that part of the world (not to be read without consideration of the recent market turbulence in Dubai)
>> The first instalment of a new statistical analysis column penned by Greg Becker
>> Some summary statistics from numerous polls on our website throughout 2009
>> Industry-specific market predictions from those in the know
>> Incoming student page editor, Stephen Paines’ top tips for 2010 study
>> An interview with Richard Willets of Paternoster.

We arm you with information about careers and developing soft skills in accordance with our main theme, as well as previewing the 29th International Congress of Actuaries in Cape Town.

Last but not least, our ‘Meet the Team’ extravaganza, introduces you to the personalities behind the publication of The Actuary. A lot of effort (and competition) has gone into putting together these individual profiles and into finding pictures worthy of publication! Some have even opted for self-drawn portraits...

I wish you a successful and satisfying 2010 and hope that you will continue to send in your feedback on the magazine. To get the ball rolling, if you would like to provide suggestions for content or commentary related to the UK general election in March, please get in touch.

Marjorie Ngwenya