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Abortion and breast cancer

I am writing further to your abortion–breast cancer article in theNovember issue.

This article, as you will be aware,discussed the impact the breastcancer epidemic in England andWales will have on the life andhealth insurance and healthcareindustries through to 2029. Theabortion–breast cancer (ABC) link,however, is not news. It is somethingthat has actually beenknown about since 1957 (see, forexample, www.polycarp.org).

Breast cancer is only one of ahost of female ailments that werevirtually unheard of before the1960s – the decade that saw theintroduction of the ‘pill’ and abortionon demand. Others includecervical cancer, strokes, earlymenopause, and infertility. Wecan’t interfere with nature with impunity, that’s the simple fact oflife.

So, if the ABC link has beenknown about for 50 years, thisdoes rather beg the question ‘whyhaven’t women been told?’. Theanswer I would suggest is twofold:women’s health has been sacrificedon the altar of ‘right-to-choose’ideology; abortion is ahighly lucrative industry.

Anyone who cares to examineabortion statistics will find consistentlythat some 97% are carriedout for so-called ‘social’ reasons, iewhere there is nothing ‘wrong’with the baby and no danger tothe mother’s health. Two-thirds ofall abortions are actually fundedby the taxpayer – yet it will againbe the taxpayer who picks up theNHS tab for treating the breastcancer ‘fallout’.

The NHS is surely ‘digging itsown grave’ as long as this lunacyprevails.