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Welcome to the circus

On 14 November 2008, the Brewery stepped back into a by-gone era to host ‘Carnivale de Mystique’, the SIAS annual supper. Attendees included over 500 actuaries, and guests from the Profession, The Actuary and a lion.

The evening began with cocktails and a champagne reception. A magician and jugglers were on hand to perform to the crowds. As the throng moved upstairs for dinner, clowns appeared at every table, with guests donning fluorescent wigs, top hats and red noses. The food and wine were exceptional, with all courses sourced from local seasonal produce.

Through dinner, thunderous music accompanied the lithe figure of a contortionist; jugglers were luminescent in the darkness; and the ringmaster poked fun at a few sorry victims. However, nothing prepared folks for the act that followed. Heads turned as a cheeky Northerner in red trousers hammered a nail up his nose, swiftly followed by a screwdriver and proceeded to swallow a 2ft sword.

After dinner, Lady Luck wove her way through the dancing masses, reading fortunes, and several stalls allowed the ladies and gentlemen to try their hand at shooting and hoop-la.

To see photos of the event captured by SIAS’s very own happy-snapping photographer visit www.flickr.com/photos/lehudd/sets/72157610450542705