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Twins trump actuarial exams

Twin brothers have followed in the footsteps of their father to pass the exams necessary to qualify as a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. Charles and Nicholas Owen were among students from the UK and overseas who learned the results of their final actuarial exams on 4 July. A total of 3005 papers were submitted in the examinations, of which 1654 were passes.

Charles said he was relieved to learn they had both passed the exams, held in April, to become fellows: “It is a good feeling to have passed the exams, and there is also a big element of relief that we both passed. We would have felt awkward if only one of us had passed.”

Charles, who works at MetLife, and Nicholas, who works at XL Re, agreed that the experience of their father, Ian Owen, in the profession had encouraged them to consider an actuarial career. Ian became a fellow in 1983 and is now chairman of Partnership Assurance.

Nicholas said: “Dad’s experience as an actuary made us aware of the opportunities available. The competition between us also helped spur us on, and it was good to be able to bounce ideas off each other.”

Following the final examinations and the core technical examinations, also in April, 35 students have qualified to become Faculty fellows and 237 have qualified to become Institute fellows. Institute president Nigel Masters said: “All those passing exams and qualifying should be proud of their hard work and the intellectual achievement that the exam passes represent.”