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Thirteen conversations about one thing

While actuaries still debate whether (in About Schmidt) Jack Nicholson changed or merely confirmed the colourless image of our profession, along comes another great actor playing an actuarial role. Few actors do inner torture better than Alan Arkin, who earned an Oscar nomination for his performance in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. He went on to show his comic side in Catch-22.

We hear from the US than the independent film with the above title (which was made in 2001 but released only recently) includes a star performance by Arkin as a bitter insurance actuary. Review suggest that this is a complex story (‘the most ambitious since Memento’) , which of course may enhance its appeal for actuaries. We have not seen any mention of a UK release date, but perhaps ‘word of mouth’ among actuaries can bring this forward! To find out more visit: www.sonyclassics.com/13conversations/index-withflash.html