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The ten most useful words to use in a 103 exam

1 ParadigmRepeat this to yourself in an attempt toconvince your mind that this exam can bepassed, albeit by few!2 AthensThe place where your parents should havebrought you up so that you’d have a chance ofunderstanding the Greek paper before you.3 Self-controlPractise this when the chief invigilator makes acomment about remembering some faces froma previous sitting.4 PieEating – the humble sort. Oh why did you telleveryone at work you were a whizz at thisstuff?5 YogaDeep-breathing to calm your pounding heartand slow the flow of information rapidlydiffusing from your brain.6 BoatLooking around the room, realisation sets inthat HMS Disaster has not set sail with only youon board.7 InterventionThere is something greater than thyself outthere – at last a question you can reasonablyattempt!8 ‘D’oh’!It’s worth only 5 marks.9 BazookaThe bright-eyed graduate you met inthe lobby on the way in has just askedfor additional writing sheets. That can’tbe right, you’ve only been at it for…aargh, only an hour left to go!10 EuphoriaSo your wrist hurts, but who cares, thatwas three hours well spent! It beganwith visions of your next pay rise passingbefore your very eyes, followed by… ablack hole, you can’t quite rememberwhere the time went. It must have been so thoroughly exciting it has drained yourmemory. What you can remember is that itended with furious penmanship in an attemptto fill several A4 sides with everything youknow about stochastic modelling! You’reconvinced it’s all in order and hope theexaminer thinks so too.