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The Greatest British Actuary Ever® the votes so far

We had originally intended in this month’s instalment
to discuss those actuaries from the ‘early pioneers’ category
who had made it through to a shortlist. However,
as the number of votes to date has been lower than
expected, it seems worthwhile to extend voting on the
‘long-list’ (see April’s issue) by one month. The votes so
far have gone as follows, expressed as a percentage of
the total votes cast, and weighted as stated in the
previous article:
As we are extending voting on the ‘long-list’, I am
taking the opportunity to expand the list published last
month with the addition of Edmund Halley, Reuben
Watson, Dorothy Spiers, Roy Colbran, and William
Phillips. I have sympathy for the view that only those
actuaries whose career is done should be included, but
feel that interest would be reduced if they were
excluded. I have, however, limited the number of active
The revised long-list of eligible actuarial greats is on
the right, with the additions in bold type.
Please continue to send your votes in to my secretary
Joanne Took (either mail to B&W Deloitte, Horizon
House, 28 Upper High Street, Epsom KT17 4RS, or email
jtook@bw-deloitte.com). When doing so please confirm
that you are a member of the Faculty or the Institute.
You can name up to five people, your top choice being
the first (the top choice will have 10 points, the second,
third, fourth, and fifth, 7,5, 3, and 1 respectively). Voting
on the long-list will be allowed up until 12 May.
Those who have already voted can change their votes if
they so wish. The votes will be used to construct shortlists
for each of the four categories (early pioneers,
recent pioneers, sound business development, and
development of new markets), which we shall consider
in the next four issues.
Graham Hazell
Gordon Pepper
George Lidstone
G Ross Goobey
Shyam Mehta
Raphe Langham
Steve Haberman
Monica Allanach
Colin M Stewart
Edmund Halley
Fred Menzler
William Morgan
David Wilkie
Brian Hey
Alfred Watson
Chris Daykin
Sidney Benjamin
Tom Sprague
Stewart Ritchie
Frank Redington
Andrew Smith
% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60
Early development of
actuarial science
Edmund Halley, Richard Price, William
Morgan, Charles Babbage, Benjamin
Gompertz, William Makeham, John
Finlaison, HW Manley, George Hardy,
Tom Sprague, George King, Sir Alfred
Watson, George Lidstone, William
Elderton, Karl Pearson, Maurice
Kendall, Arthur Shrewsbury, George
Maddex, Bernard Benjamin, Sir
Herbert Tetley, Peter Cox, Colin
Stewart, Derek Renn, Dorothy Spiers
Recent developments in
actuarial science
Life assurance: Wilfred Perks, Frank
Redington, Bertie Haycocks, Tom
Suttie, Tom Springbett, Trevor Haynes,
Robert Kirton, Maurice Ogborn,
Gordon Bayley, Ron Skerman, Monica
Allanach, Howard Webb, Sir Edward
Johnston, Jim Anderson, Alan Ford,
Chris Smart, Dick Squires, Chris
Daykin, Peter Nowell, Shyam Mehta,
David Wilkie, Andrew Smith
Pensions: Duncan Fraser, Cyril
Poyser, RJW Crabbe, Geoffrey
Heywood, George Ross Goobey, Derek
Fellows, Roy Colbran, David McLeish,
John Sparks, Raphael Langham,
Geoffrey Humphrey, Robin Snelson,
Dennis Gilley, JP Holbrook, Roy
Brimblecombe, Colin Lever, Tom Ross,
Mike Pomery, Jon Exley, Andrew
Smith, Stewart Ritchie, John Bowman
Sound development of
Insurance business: Percy Dove,
William Thomas Thomson, Arthur
Besant, Andrew Rowell, Kenneth
Usherwood, Jimmy Pegler, Dick Gwilt,
Norman Benz, Tony Baker, David
Donald, Bill Proudfoot, Sir Brian Corby,
Peter Sharman, Stewart Lyon, Norman
Graham, Tony Ratcliff, Sir John Carter,
David Berridge, Mike Ross, David
Prosser, Scott Bell, Iain Lumsden,
Roger Corley, Paul Jardine, Charles
Consultancy business:
Reuben Watson, Sir Alfred Watson,
Reginald Maudling (senior), Guy
Woodrow, Geoffrey Heywood, Francis
Bacon, Ron Abbott, Chris Smart, Alan
Development of new
markets for actuaries
Investment management:
Leslie Brown, Harold E Raynes, George
Ross Goobey, Peter Moody, Gilfrid
Day, Andrew Jamieson, Gordon
Pepper, Leonard Hall, David Hager,
Bob Yerbury
Operational research and other
new theoretical disciplines:
William Phillips, Sidney Benjamin,
Adrian Williams, Chris Lewin, Chris
Russell, Hilary C Johnson
General insurance and Lloyd’s:
Bobby Beard, Peter Johnson, Teivo
Pentakainen, Hans Bulman, Sidney
Benjamin, Frank Guaschi, Greg Taylor,
Terry Clarke, Brian Hey, David
Craighead, Bill Abbott, Harry Reid,
Stewart Coutts, John Ryan, David Hart,
Mike Brockman, Tom Wright, Stavros
Christofides, Nigel Gillott
Pension fund administration:
Colin Cornwall, Ken Smith, Chris
Lewin, Raphael Langham, Colin Coles,
Bryn Davies
Damages and health: John Prevett,
George Orros
Marketing and sales: Geoff
Westall, Des Le Grys, Maurice Paterson
Non-insurance general
management: Frank Menzler, Michael
Hepher, Marshall Field, James Crosby,
Graham Hazell
Academia: Peter Moore, Steve
Haberman, JJ McCutcheon, David