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The circle of life

Research and media reports indicate that fraud is on the increase in this recessionary environment. As a recent victim of identity fraud, I can certainly relate to those statistics. In an insurance context, the deceit exhibited by claimants comes full circle as consumers bear the cost of the crimes through increased premiums. As the state of the economy continues to be a popular subject, this edition of The Actuary carries an interview with Roger Bootle, honorary fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and renowned economist, sharing insight on his career and the economic environment.

One of the featured themes for November is life insurance and the end of the month will find large numbers at the Actuarial Profession’s Life Conference in Edinburgh, which promises to provide many interesting technical tutorials and an update on the current economic climate.

Thank you for the interesting comments I have received for ‘coining the actuarial phrase’, in response to my June editorial. Among some of your suggestions for definitions of actuarial science are ‘the physics of money’ (Scott Neville) and ‘financial statistics’ (Stephen Blake). Rosalind Rossouw provides an elaborate and entertaining response on the letters page.

As many of you will know, a number of dedicated volunteers from the profession staff The Actuary’s editorial team. At the end of this year we will bid farewell to Amy Guna, our people news editor. Amy will leave vacant arguably the hottest seat on the editorial team, being the first to hear about all the moving and shaking in the actuarial world.

If you are a ‘people person’ and feel you could contribute newsworthy items from around the profession, please get in touch. Students, associates and fellows alike are welcome to apply and your location is not a hindrance.

Marjorie Ngwenya