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Technically speaking

The Actuary has moved into the new age of technology; last month I hosted a live interactive recruitment webinar [available here” for which we were well supported by many viewers, putting forward some quite challenging questions. We hope to run more of those events in future and any topic or event suggestions are most welcome. Thank you to those who have responded to my request for technology column contributions, please keep them coming.

Our themes for the month are risk management, life insurance and banking. We are also pleased to introduce a new page to the magazine. Made Simple aims to lay bare a topic of interest to you, our readers, or provide an update on an industry topic. This month, James Mackintosh and Matt Gosden have demystified Basel III.

Our international news comes from Matthew Houghton, who recently moved to Hong Kong to pursue a new challenge. Locally, we hear from Bob Yerbury, the outgoing chief investment officer at Invesco Perpetual about his life as an actuary and his journey to the boardroom.

The UK Actuarial Profession recently announced the first recipients of the Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary accreditation, a global risk management qualification. Although only a few put themselves forward for the April examination diet, that trend is set to grow exponentially if hearsay is anything to go by. Certainly, the qualification has gained momentum elsewhere in the North American continent. We will hear from the newly qualified CERAs in a future edition.

Lastly, the editorial team is pleased to welcome Richard Elliott as arts editor. Richard will soon succeed Matt and Finn, and the outgoing duo will share their final page in the next edition. Thank you and farewell to both.

Marjorie Ngwenya