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SIAS welcome drinks

On Tuesday 26 September a crowd of young fresh-faced new students in their new suits and shiny shoes entered Staple Inn ready to be enlightened and intoxicated.

Ross Pritchard, SIAS honorary secretary, opened the evening by talking about the different aspects of SIAS and explaining how to get involved. Trevor Watkins then welcomed the students and Georgina followed by explaining the path to qualification and spoke about how the WBS element fitted into creating all-rounded actuaries.

Students were also given the opportunity to ask questions and work out what they have really got themselves into! The bottle of champagne for the best question was won by Sophia Hillard from Punter Southall.

Once the serious stuff was over we broke for some food and drink. Our next stars, Gareth and Mickey, had us all laughing as they endeavoured to find out what actuaries ‘actuary do’? It wasn’t long before we found some jokers in the pack – in particular Fergal Donal from KPMG was awarded a prize for the best heckle.

Watch out as we definitely have a bright bunch this year, it wasn’t long before they found the nearest pub where the party continued...

Good luck to you all as you start your new career, we hope it’s everything you expected.