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SIAS event review: Tropic Thames

The Miyaki Maru was the place to be for the annual SIAS summer boat party. On Friday 24 July, 180 actuaries gathered to celebrate summer on the Thames.

As I set off, the weather did not seem befitting with the theme ‘Tropic Thames’. Instead, it was more a case of ‘river of rainforests’, judging by the downpour! Luckily, as I neared the Miyuki Maru’s docking port, rays of sunshine peeked through the grey clouds and the rain began to dissipate.

With the help of Iain Ritchie and Jafor Sadek, the vessel was adorned with decorations characteristic of the tropics. With the boat ready, the weather restored and the guests waiting patiently at the pier, it was time for the party to begin. A huge thanks goes to Nilantheny Christie, Amanda Prest, Lisa Mahtani and Clara Hughes for welcoming and guiding the guests onboard.

As we departed, with each guest clutching their welcome drinks, I looked around at the array of colourfully dressed people surrounding me, many adorned in the appropriate tropical theme. The night meandered pleasantly with conversation, music and laughter as guests mingled and danced on the boat as it gently rocked on the waters of the great river Thames.

There was still plenty of daylight to enjoy a view of the river and pose for some treasured photos. As daylight gradually disappeared, the dance floor began to fill and actuaries showed off their disco skills.

The casino again attracted plenty of attention. Many tried their luck at roulette, hoping to beat the odds. Ultimately, Yang Lu (Hewitt) was the lucky one, winning a bottle of champagne.

Upon arrival back at the dock, many of the guests moved to the after-party at Agenda Bar and carried on dancing the night away until three in the morning.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the organisation, especially Kaynat Choudhury (Kent University), who put in a lot of hard work but missed out on the fun. Mostly I’d like to thank those who attended. Without you all, the party would have been nothing. I really hope you had a great night, and hope to see you all next year — we’re already thinking of ways of making it even better.