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SCOR prizes

The SCOR Group has been supporting the development of actuarial science in Europe for the past 13 years. In Berlin, Milan, London, and Paris, independent scientific juries have come together to reward the most promising students of European actuarial institutes and universities for their contribution to academic research.

Chris Daykin, government actuary, awarded the UK 2004 prizes in London on 25 November. Three prizes were awarded, to Enrico Biffis for his research work on new accounting standards in life insurance liabilities, to Yew Khuen Yoon for his study on modelling operational risk in financial institutions, and to Pavel Huerta Uribe for his research on endowment insurance for mutual fund investment.

Giorgio Ottaviani, professor at the University of Florence and president of the jury, awarded the Italy 2004 prizes in Milan on 23 November. Three prizes were awarded, to Sara Castelli for her research on the theory of extreme values, to Francesca Maggina for her research on reinsurance, and to Marta Scotti for her study on bonus-malus in motor vehicle liability and its effects on solvency.

Werner Katz, professor at the University of Ulm, awarded the Germany 2004 prizes in Berlin on 9 November. Three prizes were awarded, to Michael Merz for his research on credibility theory, to Florian Helms for his work on estimating long-term care premiums, and to Gregor Mummenhoff for his research on option evaluation methods.

Andre Levy-Lang, associate professor at Paris-Dauphine University and president of the jury, awarded the 2004 Francophone actuarial prize in Paris on 16 December. Two prizes were awarded, one to Karim Cheikh Benami from the University of Louvain for his master’s thesis on market risk measures and universal preferability, and one to Olivier Le Courtois from the University of Lyon I for his doctoral dissertation on the impact of informative events on the financial activity of companies.