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Ridsdale makes another marathon achievement

Brian Ridsdale, a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries ran the 2008 London Marathon to raise money for young people’s projects. Ridsdale has raised £3500 so far, for Christian Aid. The money will go to partners such as SEND, based in Northern Ghana. SEND works with young people in a tough multi-cultural environment where there are high levels of unemployment. It trains young people in practical skills such as carpentry and hairdressing, and aims to empower them to build a sustainable lifestyle, as well as providing a business education and HIV and AIDS awareness.

Ridsdale, who is a Christain Aid trustee, said: “I was lucky enough to visit this project in Ghana. I was really impressed by the work SEND is doing to enable young people to build their own businesses under difficult circumstances.”

In 2007 Ridsdale and fellow liverymen from the Worshipful Company raised more than £28 000 for London-based charity Shelter, the Children’s Society and the Scouts Association when they walked 115 miles across the Lake District in nine days. He said: “Last year I walked far from London to support youth projects with a London bias. This year I ran in London to support youth projects far from London. I am grateful to all my sponsors, and was delighted that the Company’s charitable trust fund has donated £500 to my efforts this time.” To sponsor Brian please visit: www.justgiving.com/briansrun

Congratulations to Andrew Whitehouse and John Lister, who also successfully completed the London Marathon, and to any other actuaries who took part.