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Record number of students qualify

A record number of students qualified to become an associate or fellow of the Faculty or the Institute in the April 2009 exams — 106 as associates and 333 as fellows. This is the highest number recorded for any exam session.

Just over 11 000 entries were received from 7246 students. Of those entries, 9238 exam papers were taken — 1800 entries did not sit the exam as they did not attend (some because of illness or other mitigating circumstances, and some did not show up at the exam centre) and 4872 papers were passed.

In order to allow the exams to take place, more than 150 supervisors and invigilators worked at the 133 exam centres so students could sit their exams. More than 220 assistant examiners and 80 examiners marked the scripts to ensure that the deadlines to release the results were met. To read the list of qualifiers, please visit www.actuaries.org.uk/media_centre/news_stories/2009/august/new_qualifiers