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New faces elected to Council at Institute AGM

At the Institute AGM on 28 September, Adrian Baskir, Helen Crofts, Justyn Harding, Malcolm Kemp and Trevor Llanwarne were all elected to Council. Wendy Beaver, Charles Cowling, Sally Dixon, David Hindley and Michael Pomery retired from Council. Nigel Masters, president of the Institute of Actuaries, thanked the retiring members for their service.

It was noted that 13 members of the Institute had not received voting papers for the election. These Institute members were also members of the Faculty, and had the Faculty as their ‘primary body’. Because of a selection error they were omitted from the list supplied to Electoral Reform Services. However, they were all subsequently contacted and given the opportunity to vote.

All reports and accounts were passed and the meeting was closed. At the sessional meeting that followed, David Hartman, a distinguished American actuary, was elected as an honorary fellow of the Institute.

Mr Hartman is a long-standing member and servant of the US actuarial profession and is past president of both the Casualty Actuarial Society and the American Academy of Actuaries. He has also been active internationally and is a past president of the International Actuarial Association.