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New CMI chairman

The actuarial profession has appointed Brian Ridsdale as chairman of the executive committee of the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI). The CMI is a research organisation that analyses the mortality and morbidity statistics from life assurance and pension organisations and reports on past trends and future expectations. Brian replaces Peter Nowell who held the post for five years.

On his appointment to the CMI, Brian said: ‘There is increasing interest in the ageing population and longevity, and the CMI is uniquely placed to contribute to our understanding of developments in mortality and morbidity, and the uncertainties in any future projections. I look forward to playing my part in that process.’

Brian is a vice-president of the Faculty of Actuaries and past chairman of the Social Policy Board. He is a partner in Population Ageing Associates.

Paying tribute to Peter Nowell, Brian said: ‘Building on the terrific work done in the past, Peter’s term of office has been marked by a quickening in the pace of data collection and major advances in our understanding in the development of longevity in the UK.’