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Membership survey update

Many thanks to those of you who responded to the Profession’s recent survey on member services. Over 2400 members completed the questionnaire — a fantastic response for which we are very grateful. There were many positive comments about what the Profession is doing well, and it is clear that members perceive the education and examinations system as the most important job of the Profession.

There were, however, other areas for which you are urging the Profession to do more. You told us that you would like:
>> Online resources for CPD — recordings, podcasts, webinars
>> Better publicised research, both from within the profession and by others working in relevant fields such as mortality forecasting and risk management
>> A website that is more attuned to the needs and interests of individual members
>> More reporting, analysis and comment on developments in our ‘industries’
>> More events away from London
>> Closer interaction with members overseas
>> An increased public profile for our profession — more comment on issues to which our skills can be relevant
>> Promotion of the actuary’s value and skills in a wider range of contexts. The survey was conducted under the auspices of the Member Support Executive Committee, which will be addressing these themes in its action plans in the coming months. Plans include:
>> Continuing to encourage a wider range of event formats oriented to topical developments and scientific meetings
>> Investing in development of our web presence, aiming to be as member-centric as practicable
>> Supporting the Profession’s research officer both in commissioning relevant new research and in improved dissemination of internal and external knowledge sources
>> Seeking to build more ‘partnership’ arrangements with significant current and potential employers of members
>> Further research to seek your feedback and ideas on what forms of support from the Profession are likely to be of most value.

Visit http://www.actuaries.org.uk/news/membership_survey to read updates on our progress. If you have any further comments, contact member.support@actuaries.org.uk